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Sandoval Insurance: The Most Comprehensive and Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Los Angeles, CA

Your home not only provides comfort and shelter; like most people, it’s probably your biggest asset. In order to make sure that such an invaluable investment is well-protected, comprehensive insurance coverage from a trusted insurer is an absolute must. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, you’ve recently sold your house and purchased a new one, or your existing coverage is about to expire and you’re thinking about changing your coverage and the insurer that provides your policy, if you live in or around Los Angeles, CA, if you’re looking for reliable and affordably priced insurance coverage for your home, get in touch with Sandoval Insurance. Offering years of experience and a proven track record of success, and providing the most comprehensive property insurance policies that are customized to meet the unique needs of individual homeowners, you can count on our locally owned and operated company to provide you with the personalized service that you desire and deserve to protect your most valuable asset: your home.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

As the name suggests, homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that is specifically designed to cover damages and losses to an individual’s residence. It also covers assets within the residence, such as furnishings and electronics, as well as other structures on the property that the residence is situated on; detached garages and sheds, for example. Homeowner’s insurance also provides policyholders with liability coverage against third-party accidents and injuries that may occur on the property.

What Does a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

As mentioned above, a standard homeowners insurance policy typically covers the physical structure of the home and the contents within it, as well as exterior structures that are located on the property, such as a detached garage or a shed. In the event that your property or belongings are damaged or lost by covered perils, such as a fire, a theft, or a burst water pipe, your homeowner’s insurance policy will help to pay for the necessary repairs. If someone who does not reside in your home is injured in or on your Los Angeles or their belongings are accidentally damaged, your policy may help to cover these related costs, too.

To further illustrate, a standard homeowner’s insurance policy usually provides the following protections:

  • Dwelling coverage. One of the most basic components of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy is dwelling protection. This portion of your policy will cover the structure of your home, such as the roof, walls, foundation, attic, and basement. Dwelling insurance also covers appliances and systems that are built into your home, such as the plumbing system, HVAC system, and water heater, as well as structures exterior structures that are attached to your home, such as a deck, a patio, or a garage. In the event that your home is damaged by a covered peril (hazards or events that damage your home and your insurance company will pay for), such as a windstorm, or a burst water heater, the dwelling protection portion of your homeowner’s insurance policy will help to cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing the damage.
  • Other structures coverage. Most standard homeowners insurance policies will also provide coverage for other structures that aren’t attached to your house but that are on your property; a detached garage, a shed, or a fence, for example. In the event that these structures are damaged by a covered peril, your homeowner’s insurance policy will help to pay for the related repairs.
  • Personal property coverage. A homeowner’s insurance policy protects more than just your Los Angeles home; it will also provide protection for your personal belongings, or anything that is within your house and other structures, or on your property. For instance, suppose a pipe bursts and damages your furnishings or a thief breaks into your house and steals electronics, artwork, and other valuables. The personal property protection that your homeowner’s insurance policy provides can help to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged or stolen items.
  • Liability coverage. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy will also offer liability protection. If a third-party (someone who does not reside in your home) is injured while they are on your property, this part of your policy can help to cover the related costs. For example, if a visitor falls down the stairs and breaks a leg or a delivery driver trips on a broken front step while delivering a package and needs medical treatment, the liability portion of your property insurance coverage may help to pay for the medical care that the individual requires. If they file a lawsuit against you, this portion of your policy may also help to pay for any legal expenses.

Are There Additional Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Options?

It’s important to note that while the average homeowner’s insurance policy will cover damages that are associated with fires, wind, fallen trees, hail, or lightning strikes, it may not cover all of the perils that you might face, such as natural disasters, power outages, and acts of war or terrorism. For increased protection, you can purchase additional coverage for the things that your standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover. For example, floods, mudslides, and earthquakes usually aren’t covered by a standard property insurance policy, and in Los Angeles, where these types of natural disasters are relatively common, investing in coverage for these kinds of natural disasters would be worth your while.

Homeowners Insurance Los Angeles County

Examples of some of the different types of optional coverage options that are available include:

  •  Guaranteed replacement cost
  • Cash-out option
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Identity theft
  • Service line
  • Water backup
  • Earthquake


These are just some of the additional coverage options that are available. A reputable local insurance agent will help you determine if these additional coverage options would be worth your while.

To learn more about the car insurance policies that Sandoval Insurance offers, please get in touch with us. One of our knowledgeable and friendly local agents will be more than happy to provide you with the information that you’re looking for and assist you with all of your needs.

Why You Need Homeowner’s Insurance

You may be surprised to learn that in Los Angeles, homeowner’s insurance isn’t required; however, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need it. Here’s a look at just some of the reasons why homeowner’s insurance is a wise investment:

  • Your lender may require it. Though home insurance isn’t legally required, if you have a mortgage, your lender may. In the event that your property is damaged, your mortgage lender will want to make sure that their investment in your property is well-protected. An insurance policy provides that protection. Check with your mortgage provider to find out if they require property insurance. 
  • It protects your investment. Your home is your biggest investment. In order to ensure your assets are protected – including the physical structure of your house, as well as the personal belongings within it – homeowner’s insurance coverage is an absolute must.
  •  Cost savings. Because homeowner’s insurance isn’t legally required in Los Angeles, if you don’t have a mortgage or if your lender doesn’t require coverage, you may be thinking that a policy is an unnecessary expense; however, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, not having insurance could end up costing you a lot more than an insurance policy. In the event that your property is damaged or a third-party suffers an injury and files a lawsuit against you, you could be looking at costly repairs or legal expenses. With homeowner’s insurance, you can protect yourself from unexpected and exorbitant costs.
  • Peace of mind. Who couldn’t use a little more peace of mind these days? Because homeowner’s insurance protects your most valuable assets and provides you with the financial protection you need against perils and the costs that are associated with those perils, having a policy will certainly give you some peace of mind.

For the Most Reliable Homeowners Insurance in Los Angeles, CA Contact Sandoval Insurance

Whether you’re about to purchase your first home, you’ve recently sold your current house and are buying a new one, or your current policy is about to expire and you’re exploring new coverage options, if you reside in or around Los Angeles, for the most reliable homeowners insurance, get in touch with Sandoval Insurance. Our professionally trained and fully licensed local agents will help you find the best coverage to protect your home.

We’ll fully explain the different coverage options and will help you select the most robust policy that will fully protect your assets. We’ll assist you with securing the most affordable insurance rates, too. While there may be other insurance companies in Los Angeles, none can compare to the personalized service, customized options, comprehensive coverage, and affordable rates that Sandoval Insurance provides.

For more information, to find out how we can help you save money on your property insurance, and to request a free insurance quote, get in touch with us today! Dial 323-285-2442, send us an email, or submit an online contact form directly through our website. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and one of our knowledgeable and friendly agents will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with all of your needs. The team at Sandoval Insurance is looking forward to helping you protect your most valuable asset: your home.